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CON BMI 1 Silk Tumbling Blocks

76 x 80 (193 x 203.2 cm)

This is a breathtaking silk quilt created in the Tumbling Blocks pattern. The maker, whose name and family information we have, chose silk ties and dresses owned by the family for her gorgeous creation. This quilt was a Christmas gift to her son and is currently part of the family's collection of heirloom quilts. The diamond shaped silks that make up each tumbling block measure 2 ½" inches per side and are outline quilted by hand. Hand quilting is unusual in antique silk quilts of this kind - reverse tying is more common - so our maker was quite dedicated to her art.

The backing is a gorgeous solid cinnamon maroon silk. Please see detail image. Entirely English pieced and with a clean, precise pillowcase edge this quilt makes for a truly sophisticated and elegant display of skillful craftsmanship and artistry. A wonderful size for hanging as art on your wall, it would be a stunning focal point for that special room. Please ask us about adding sleeves for hanging. On consignment from the descendants of the maker, provenance details will go to the buyer upon sale. This beauty is in perfect condition - please ask Betsey for more details. You may view this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home.