Q8645 Mohawk Trail w/ Ice Cream Cone Border Quilt (Pair)
63 x 86 and 60 x 83
$1,800 pair

What delightful and happy quilts! To find a pair of quilts executed by the same quilt maker is rare and always a pleasure to offer. In excellent condition these quilts are made from a wonderful array of 1940’s and 50’s prints in a variety of delicious shades and patterns. Dozens of 2 ½” pie shaped pieces are carefully arranged to form the Mohawk Trail pattern, sometimes call the Fan pattern. Each block measures approximately 3 ½” and contains three pie shapes set against a solid white ground. Framing the intricate groupings of fans or trails on each quilt is a 4 inch ice cream cone border.

The backing on each quilt is the same white cotton used on the front. A ½ inch solid white binding is meticulously applied to the undulating ice cream border on all four sides. Each quilt is entirely hand quilted in an echo arc design throughout. Clean, soft and colorful, this pair is just perfect for twin beds! Professionally hand washed by Betsey. Remember, all of our quilts are sent on approval.