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Q8667 Whig Rose Variation
94 x 96
Lancaster Co, PA

This exquisite quilt defines what many of us think of when we hear the words "classic mid-nineteenth century American quilt”. The Whig Rose quilt's double border contains a beautifully executed floral design in a variation of the early Whig Rose pattern. Solid Turkey red, an over dyed green on green print, and a yellow calico are set on a pristine white background in the form of finely executed appliqués stitched entirely by hand.

Each Whig Rose applique measures approximately 26 x 30 inches and contains very fine hand quilting in outline and flower petal designs. The white background of each block is quilted with unique floral and leaf patterns. The inner 1 ½” white border has hundreds of alternating Turkey red and over dyed green appliqued leaves surrounding the central Whig Rose design.

Framing the inner design is a 7 ½” white outer border with quilting executed in an undulating feather vine pattern with stylized tulips. In each of the four corners is a 10” double line quilted heart with interior diagonal cross hatch stitching. The use of hearts is an indication this quilt was related to love or marriage, possibly made as either a wedding or anniversary gift.

A masterpiece of hand appliqué in traditional and original patterns executed by an experienced and clever hand. Unused and professionally hand washed by Betsey. This quilt can be sent to you on approval.