Q8767 Blue And White Combination Snowball / Broken Dishes
72 x 82 (182.9 x 208.3 cm)
Chester County, PA

Such an eye pleasing indigo and white quilt created using a combination of the Broken Dishes and Snowball patterns. Blocks measuring approximately 2 ¾” wide contain one octagon piece and four corner triangles measuring a mere ¾”. A mesmerizing effect is achieved through the positive/negative arrangement of octagons (snowballs) and triangles (broken dishes) in this great piece of art.

A single indigo cotton with small white stars and an off white cotton are the only two fabrics used in this lovely quilt. Even the 3/8 inch applied binding is the same white stars on indigo fabric used on the interior design. The maker also showcased her ownership of a new treadle sewing machine by placing a row of topstitching on the binding! Other than that the quilt is completely hand pieced and hand quilted with cross hatch stitching in the white octagons and parallel lines in the blue.

The backing is the same off white cotton as used for the front. This is a wonderful, warm and cozy indigo and white quilt in excellent condition that would be marvelous as art on your wall or equally as charming on a bed. This quilt, which has been professionally washed by Betsey, is ready to send to you on approval.