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Q8917 Pineapple Log Cabin Bassinet Quilt

36 x 41 (91.4 x 104.1 cm)
New England

A fantastic early bassinet quilt done to scale in the wonderful Pineapple Log Cabin pattern. Log cabin blocks measure 4 3/4" x 5" with thirty six 7/16" wide logs in each block surrounding a 1" x 1 1/4" chimney. Stunning as a diminutive piece of graphic art in the two color palette of solid Turkey red and off white. The log cabin blocks were each foundation pieced by hand with linen thread onto linen squares. Blocks were then assembled; foundation fabric edges were carefully turned under and the blocks meticulously stitched together by hand. This method of foundation piecing is uniquely New England. The result is the foundation fabric also serves as the backing of the quilt with no filler between. The 1/4" wide solid Turkey red binding is applied by hand. A fabulous miniature quilt professionally hand washed by Betsey that can be sent to you on approval for private viewing in your home.