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Q8962 Airplanes & Eagles Quilt
66 x 72 (167.6 x 182.9 cm)

A great piece of American folk art! This wonderful hand pieced, quilted and appliqued quilt was inspired by Charles Lindbergh's monoplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, and the 1933 Chicago World's Fair entitled The Century of Progress. Flying in straight formation thirteen solid blue planes measure 12½ inches long and are separated by twelve eagles hand quilted and embroidered using blue thread.

Each plane has an appliqued propeller and the craft is hand quilted with scallops in the nose, double circles on the wings and straight line quilting through the body and tail of the plane. The fully detailed eagles are quilted and embroidered in blue in the joining blocks and cross hatch quilting fills the 1⅝ blue and 2 inch white borders. Faint pencil lines used for the quilting pattern can still be seen in areas of this unused quilt.

The backing is the same solid blue cotton used on the front of the quilt and the hand applied ⅜ inch binding is a slightly lighter solid blue cotton. Part of the Western PA Quilt Documentation Project with a documentation label hand stitched onto the back. This quilt has been professionally hand washed by Betsey and is ready to ship to you on approval for private viewing in your home. A true collector's piece!