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Antique Quilt Appraisals

Do you have a special quilt you would like to have examined by a quilt appraiser?  You may have an undiscovered treasure!  Betsey is qualified to provide professional appraisals for quilts dating from 1780 through the 1950's.  Written appraisals appropriate for insurance purposes include photographs, a full description of the quilt, the fair market value and insurance value, all signed and dated by Betsey.  Hints on how best to display your treasure are also happily offered!  Written appraisals start at $150* per quilt, plus the cost of shipping and insurance back to you.

*Written appraisal charge may be more for extraordinary and/or early quilts.

If you are planning to visit the shop and would like a verbal appraisal, Betsey would be happy to tell you all about your quilt while you record the information.  A verbal appraisal costs $75, but please keep in mind that verbal appraisals can not be used for insurance purposes.  However, Betsey will tell you all the information she would include in a written appraisal, so verbal appraisals are perfect for your own personal knowledge.   Please call and make an appointment if you would like a verbal appraisal so Betsey can give you her full attention!

Please understand that any professional quilt appraisers would need to see your quilt in person. An accurate appraisal can not be attempted without having your quilt in Betsey’s hands.  It is not possible for Betsey to judge the quilt’s overall condition and accurately date and value the piece from a photograph.  Fabric wear, style of piecing and quilting, types of thread used, original work vs. possible repairs made at a later date; these variables all require close eye inspection.

Please follow the instructions below if you choose to ship your quilt:

To send your textiles to Rocky Mountain Quilts in the safest and most efficient manner, please make note of the following steps:
1.) Address your package to:

Betsey Telford-Goodwin,
130 York Street,
York, ME. 03909

Do not write Rocky Mountain Quilts on the address label, as this might draw attention to your valuable quilt inside.

Choose a sturdy box of the proper size. Do not force your precious quilt into a box which is too small, as the extra folding and pulling may cause additional damage to fragile fabrics. Conversely, putting your quilt into a box larger than needed will allow too much shifting and bunching during shipping.

Place your quilt in a plastic bag and secure it tightly before packing it into the box. You never know what weather conditions your package might encounter along its route to us, and a cardboard box is not waterproof. Remember, this is the one and only time you should store your quilt in plastic!

We recommend only shipping by FedEx. Please do not forget to request a signature required from your shipping company.

2.) Enclose a note with your:

Name, Address, Phone number and Email Address, along with a deposit check for $150 per quilt.   Betsey will contact you for additional return shipping charges based on the weight and number of quilts sent.

3.) Be sure to request:

A signed return receipt when shipping your package by FedEx.  For your peace of mind, we will contact you when your package arrives.

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