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American Antique Quilt Pairs

Click on the pictures below to see more views of my Antique Quilt Pairs. Shading is due to lighting, not representative of the quilt. Please call for the availability or any questions.

Pair of Deep Rose and White Cross Stitched Album Design Quilts
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
CONHO22 Pair of Deep Rose and White Cross Stitched Album Design Quilts
61 x 89 inches

Talk about symbolism..This pair of cross stitch quilts depict the possible path a couple may follow. First comes love..then commitment..then comes baby in a baby carriage. (or here showing a cradle)

Once again we have an unused pair of quilts that were too precious to use. I bet the maker wished they used them...but, now they need a new home. Made with a lot of love and hundreds of hours of work, these quilts were meant to be used.

The stitches are perfectly matched and show hundreds of hours of work. Each block measures 15" X 15". The border measures 7-1/4", including a 3/8" separately applied binding. The quilting design contains hearts, flowers, vines and crosshatching. The quilting varies from 1' to 1-1/4' with nice even quilting.

There are around 12 different designs, many reminiscent of Baltimore Quilt designs along with the possibility of exciting happenings in the life of a couple.

Now hand washed organically and ready to be sent with free shipping, for your approval.

Q8134 Pair of Reversible Sunflower Quilts
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q8134 Pair of Reversible Sunflower Quilts
66 x 82 and 63 x 82 inches

Did you know that we can put together a pair of quilts to make a king size quilt!?! We have done so in the past for clients. Mustard color is so in today. Here we have a pair of Sunflower quilts that are using a very popular color for the sashing and binding. The back is the same color mustard and becomes a totally reversible quilt with beautiful quilting.

Each quilt has 20 blocks that measure approximately 10-1/2" X 10-1/2". This competent quilter did not always create the same size blocks..Let's call this "Character" 😄 Vertical sashing is 5" in width, the horizontal sashing measures 5-3/4" in width. Borders on these quilts measure 2-3/4" in width. There is a 1/4" separately applied binding. The horizontal quilting design is crosshatching in a 1" grid. The vertical quilting design is one of stacked leaves in a vine pattern. The quilting stitching is very even and consistently executed. Both quilts are pieced by machine and quilted by hand.

These quilts are hand washed organically and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

Q9059 Grandmother's Flower Garden
Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.
Q9059 Grandmother's Flower Garden
c. 1950
58 x 88 inches
$650 or $1,200/pair

There are two of these, almost but not quite identical. They share many of the same fabrics...What a happy room these would create!

The Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern can only be pieced by hand. The second most popular quilt pattern during the Depression, it is still much loved and treasured. The amount of work that goes into the composition of this pattern is staggering....the earliest patterns were Mosaics, usually made from silk, many foundation pieced, without the specific color order we see on 20th century quilts and came to us from England. The name and design of this pattern was created in the 1920's.

This quilt was created in the 1950's and used many of today's, in fashion, colors...GREY!!..and more.

Made for a twin bed, this quilt can also be used, because of its size, as a throw for any size bed....or anywhere else you may want a cuddly coverup.

Each side of these (hundreds) of hexagons measure 3/4"..the outside ring of each garden is a solid color, the inside row is a coordinating calico, the center of each is a yellow/gold solid. The order of the print and solid rows is juxtaposed to the normal design and therefore rare and unusual. There is a separate applied 3/8" binding. The outside edge of each row is quilted, the center circle is outline quilted and the Gardens are joined by a white path.

In unused condition, organically hand washed by Betsey, this very happy feeling quilt is ready to be sent for your approval.

Q1813 Pair of Lavender Baskets Quilts
Please view the detail photos (click image above) for more accurate colors.
Q1813 Pair of Lavender Baskets Quilts
70 x 104
$1,900 for the pair

This marvelous pair of lavender basket quilts is guaranteed to make you smile. What a wonderful set for your twin beds and in a great palette. The baskets are comprised of 2 3/8 x 1 3/4 inch hand pieced triangles alternating from solid lavender to a lovely lavender, yellow, and teal calico, with a hand appliqued lavender handle.

The 11 ¾ blocks have been set on point, and the double border echoes the alternating fabric arrangement of the baskets. The backing is white cotton, and the binding has been formed by turning the lavender border from front to back. These two quilts have been created with extra length to accommodate a pillow tuck, and are in excellent condition. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.

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