B22 Burgundy Wool and Natural Linen Overshot Coverlet
Mid 19th Century
68 x 81 inches
Northern New England

Overshot coverlets were another textile, in addition to quilts, used to keep warm in our cold climates. The early coverlets were woven from homespun wool and homespun thread. After the civil war women were more likely to purchase the wool and thread for weaving. The coarse wool, used here, was home spun, undoubtedly from the creator's sheep. This coverlet was made using a large loom. There were at least two sizes of looms: One loom size was narrow (usually around 39” in width); with this loom, for a coverlet, you would make long 2" strips and sew them together. The other method was a large loom, which is what was used for this antique textile.

Up until recently there was a wonderful textile museum in Lowell, MA where one could actually see these looms. Unfortunately, due to cuts in budgets for the arts, this museum has closed. I feel that this coverlet is mid 19th century and was created in the northern part of New England, possibly Northern Vermont. The woolen thread is heavy and course adding extra warmth and durability. One side of this overshot coverlet is predominantly burgundy while the reverse side predominantly a natural linen color. I cannot imagine the months and months it must have taken to weave this piece. This coverlet appears to be unused. We have organically hand washed this amazing coverlet and it is now ready to be used in your home.