B23 Indigo and Natural Embroidered Homespun Blanket
Mid 19th Century
82 x 84 inches (plus 2" fringe on 3 sides)
Believed to be from Vermont

A rare, unusual and whimsical homespun woolen blanket, created in mid 19th century is believed to be from VT. The weaving consists of hundreds of 4” squares joined with a woven three line blue then ecru then blue diagonal stripe. Each block is embellished with indigo folk art wool embroidery. This wonderfully warm homespun is not perfect. There are a few moth holes which could be woven, and some wear on the fringe. The edges have been turned over 1/4” and hand stitched to finish the textile. The fringe has been tightly whip stitched to the blanket all around three sides.. Organically hand washed and now ready for your approval at home.