B28 Summer/Winter Doubleweave Coverlet

3/4 of original coverlet: 45 x 67 inches
New England

Some of the most well-loved bed coverings in the northeast were doubleweave coverlets. Some of these coverlets were loomed at home using fibers created or grown on the farm. Many affluent people had servants who would do this weaving with looms on the third floor of their early colonial homes. This width of the loom used for the creation of this doubleweave coverlet was 36 inches. At some point, part of this coverlet must have been damaged, and the owners removed that section then turned the side under to finish the edge. Looking at this textile is sort of paradoxical. Most of the coverlet is in perfect condition, then you have one part removed and then sections with home darning to mend holes. We have everything from perfect condition to removed parts to holes that have been darned. This textile certainly has a history! The pine tree border is an early New England border pattern. The checkerboard 9 block patterns are taken directly from the early American quilts. Linen and wool are the fibers used here. The indigo and red are wool, and the white is a very wonderful linen. A textile with character and a wonderfully warm cover for the winter.