B37 Woven Woolen Coverlet

68 x 100 inches
Canada, maybe

This cheerful coverlet is warm and cuddly yet light in weight. Created from faded denim blue and creamy white woolen yarns. This extra long coverlet has length for a pillow tuck or an extra long bed.

The extensive embellishment is actually all raised and therefore three dimensional. All embellishment has been created with the creamy white yarn. We have a center medallion representing the tree of life surrounded by an embroidered "frame". The next row all around have 18 three dimensional "pine trees". We have the outside border measuring 5" top and bottom with 8" for the side borders. In addition is the top embellished section which may be used as a pillow tuck.

There is all over fade...most of which would be from the dyeing.

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.