BTCOLLECTIONFF30 Runner/Fragment

15 x 55 inches
New England

This finished fragment, in the shape of a runner, is exquisite as art decoration for a table. The reason I know is because it was highlighting my 1760 dining room table for many months. The fabrics date from the late 18th century to c.1825. This piece is comprised of block print linen fabric, hand painted cotton fabric, blue resist and indigo cotton fabrics. The quilt's piecing is done in both American and English methods. The backing is linen, the cross-hatch quilting is done using linen thread. The binding is a same date linen fabric. One thing that I love about early quilts is that the fabric was so expensive and prized, that people would take little scrap pieces and sew them together to make a piece for a block. I have a quilt hanging on the wall over my bed with a 1 x 4" strip comprised of 5 different fabrics. I call this charming. This piece,for sale, has many squares that are made of two pieces of the same fabric. With these measurements this piece would be easy to hang in a small area between two doors, over a couch, a piece of furniture or as a table runner. The size makes it multifaceted. There are three small areas on the quilt that have color out. Two smaller than a dime and one almost the size of a quarter. A rare piece for an early fabric enthusiast. Hand washed by Betsey and ready to enjoy.