BTG28 Red and White Touching Broken Stars
99 x 99 inches
New England (possibly Massachusetts)

Just released from Betsey’s private collection, this spectacular, graphic, well designed quilt was made for an early high bed. In today’s world, this quilt would fit a queen size bed with thick mattresses or a king size bed with 9 inches over on each side.

This fabric is an early Turkey Red calico, very very fine linen and an early unglazed chintz used for the 5-/1/2” border. The joining blocks for the broken stars measure 13 inches square. The joining blocks on point at the top and bottom and sides of the broken star measure apx 6-1/2 inches square. These joining blocks are quilted with double line quilting using perfectly executed stitches. The open area of the double line quilting measures 3/4 of an inch. The double lines are apx 1/4 inches apart.

All white areas around the outside of the touching broken stars, whether in the shape of a large square, diamond, triangle or rectangle, are all quilted in the same manner as the joining square on point between the stars. The 13 inch joining blocks are not only outline quilted but they are quilted in a very unusual medallion format with abstract quilted areas almost representing a pineapple or fish. These are open for interpretation.

This quilt has had some restoration, which is almost impossible to find, in the white areas. The Turkey Red calico does have some damage, and therefore, this quilt is not perfect. If someone wanted, we could restore it. If this quilt was perfect in today’s market, it would be priced at $6,800. I’m asking $2,900.

Professionally hand washed by Betsey, it’s ready to adorn a bed or to be used as an amazing piece of art in a great room.