BTG63 H-Block Log Cabin Fragment

58 x 61 inches

This wonderful H-Block Log Cabin quilt has been created from very, very fine wool challis, even having a wool challis backing. This quilt fragment is a large size. Where this quilt has been rebound with origional, same mid 19th century wool schallis fabric, one would assume the quilt to be of origional size. There was one end of the quilt that was not good so we removed that end and then rebound the quilt. Now that this quilt is not an origional size it becomes a fragment. This quilt appears to be in perfect condition.
The quilt was executed using( approximately 7-1/2 inch blocks. Naturally, at this age, everything was hand pieced. The fabrics were very, very expensive fabrics. The blue was a very 1840s blue. It's a deep rich cobalt blue, and the green calico is just absolutely gorgeous.
This quilt has been in my collection and is now ready to go up for sale.
Ready to be sent for your in-home approval.