BTG66 Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Quilt

c.1890sbr> 71 x 80 inches

Warm and cuddly as well as beautiful is an apt description of this wool Log Cabin quilt.
There are 90 7-3/4 inch squares that comprise this beautiful quilt. Each square is made up of 1/2 inch logs of various fabrics. There are mostly woolens, but in addition there are flannels and wool challis used in the composition of this quilt. The woolen fabrics are of many different weaves adding to the textile's beauty. The center chimney is a 2" square. Tying is the method used here to hold the three layers in place. This is the method mostly used on woolen quilts where the batting is thicker and therefore almost impossible to quilt.
There is a huge range of colors seen here ...from purples to blacks....some beautiful fabrics....the backing is an unexpected fabric...A beautiful floral on a black background! There are also many fabrics of the sought after grey shades used in decorating today. Edging on the quilt is a pillowcase finishing, then embellished with beautiful stitching.
This is one of a few pieces that I put up for sale that is not perfect....There are moth holes around the edge...we can restore these if desired.
Ready to be sent for your at-home approval.