CONAMC4 Silk Velvet Victorian Crazy Quilt w/ Photo

46 x 65 inches
Origin unknown

A question people often ask is when did a woman make a specific quilt. The answer is simple with this one. She is seen here in a photo holding the quilt. The quilt is initialed and dated 1885. It has silk and chenille embroidered flowers, oil paintings and many other fabulous embroidery stitches.This rare quilt is comprised of silks and silk velvets. All pieces are beautifully outline embellished with silk and cotton twist threads. Adding to the beauty are original oil paintings and silk embroidered flowers. There is a 3-1/2 inch silk velvet border in a deep burgundy which outlines the entire quilt. However the most amazing part is the actual photo of the creator of this masterpiece holding the quilt on her lap....a truly rare occurrence and a treasure.