CONAS1 Mariner's Compass Quilt
c. 1850
78 x 82 inches
New York

This exquisite mariner’s compass quilt was created around 1850. Not only amazingly colorful and graphic but executed with meticulous workmanship exhibited both in the piece work and the quilting. A circular pieced pattern is one of the most difficult sewing challenges one can attempt. On this quilt we have each compass surrounded by a 7/8” over-dyed green circle. The blocks on this quilt are approximately 18” square and are joined with 4-1/2” triple sashing. The miniature blocks used here to join each section are a diminutive 4” square executed using a star pattern in Turkey Red and green with a chrome center. The entire border, which varies in width from 3-3/4” on opposite two sides to 5” on the other opposite two sides. The free hand drawn meandering green ribbon border takes twists and turns embellished with turkey red dangling diamonds. The colors of this quilt include: Turkey red, over-dyed green, chrome orange, c.1845 double pink with white stripe fabric and of course, white. The separate hand applied binding measures 1/4”. All work is hand pieced, hand quilted and hand appliquéd. Stunning! A treasured quilt for your bed or as an amazing piece of art for your wall. When hanging it takes my breath away. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval. Please ask for more details.

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