CONCLK1 Folk Art Wool Crazy Quilt
Dated 1904
60 x 78 inches
West Virginia

I will classify this quilt as “off the charts”! It’s spectacular and is comprised of 12 20” square blocks. The fabrics used to create this quilt are mostly 1890’s wool and wool challis. The backing is an 1880s - 90s flannel which creates a very cozy quilt. Much of the embellishment on this quilt is amazingly three dimensional. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this piece. I have a feeling it was made by Grandma, whose initials may have been V.B.M. Many of the blocks are initialed. Does this mean that many people made a block or were the blocks made in their honor? These blocks are all in a similar style resulting in my belief that this quilt was made by one person. One block has 5 sets of initials all ending in M. Could this be the children or grandchildren belonging to Grandma? This major piece of textile folk art can be hung in either direction. If you choose to rotate this folk art quilt, you’ll see a totally different piece of art..... It’s a happy quilt. I believe the creator adored her family. Ready to be sent for your viewing and approval.