CONDL Rob Peter to Pay Paul, also named Hearts and Gizzards (I prefer the former)
72 x 86
Origin unknown

In excellent condition, this bright and cheerful quilt has been skillfully hand pieced using both a solid medium pink and white cotton. Each block measures 7-1/2 inches square. The border is a variation of the Ice Cream Cone with alternative pink and white pieces. This border is 5-3/4 inches wide, which includes a 3/8 inch separately applied pink binding. The backing is solid white cotton. Completely hand quilted with outline quilting. The white areas are hand quilted with echo heart/floral motifs. The simple color scheme insures that this piece will fit easily into many decors. Due to its size, this quilt could be used on a single, double, and if turned sideways a queen size bed with a footboard. Lovingly used, this quilt is now soft and supple. Hand washed by Betsy and ready for your home.