CONGG10 Blue and White Hawaiian Applique

95 x 90 inches

This c.1950 Hawaiian quilt is absolutely spectacular. The appliqué and reverse appliqué are executed with almost invisible stitching. I have found quilts like this with curved edges in books, but this design is rare and unusual. Hawaiian quilts are always quilted with echo quilting, just as is executed on this beautiful piece. This size quilt will also fit perfectly on a queen size bed. Covering a king size bed with 7 inches on three sides would be a perfect venue for this piece of art. The blue border measures apx 5 inches all the way around. On this area embellishments have been added. It’s almost impossible to find a seam on this quilt, but there must be one somewhere due to the fact this fabric would have never come in this width. Fabric was only 36 inches wide back in the 50’s. The fabric must have been joined prior to cutting out the Hawaiian pattern. Vibrant and dynamic, this would be a wonderful piece of art on a wall as well as a stunning quilt on your bed.