CONGNWW Civil War Patriotic Crazy Quilt

Dated 1886
52 x 56 inches
New England

This is truly one of the most amazing crazy quilt tops that I have ever seen. I am calling it a top because it is not backed. My company can do the backing work for the buyer, with original same date fabric if they choose. The story that came with this consigned piece is one that I absolutely question. Fifth hand, the story is that a union civil war soldier created this. What I believe is that this quilt was created in his honor by someone who loved the soldier very much.

The center union colored star with the American shield on it is the focal point of this quilt. Every place you look there is something different and amazing. It is embroidered with the date 1886. There is even an embroidered depiction of a union civil war encampment flying an American flag. There is a masonic symbol. One patch has a cross with flowers under it. To me this looks like a burial symbol. Perhaps it symbolizes all the soldier's comrades lost in battle. It has poetry, an embroidered picture of a large frog looking at a boy in the weeds, an embroidered cavalry soldier. There are hundreds of pieces on this quilt. At the top center is a wonderful sailing vessel. All the provenance I have will be given to the buyer. I can say when the American veteran passed away, the quilt was given to his niece in Irvington, NJ. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.