CON HT31 Garden Maze with LeMoyne Stars
84 x 86 (213.4 x 218.4 cm)
NY or CT

A fabulous and very early cotton star spangled cotton quilt. Sixty four red and white calico LeMoyne stars measuring 5 1/2 inches each float inside a garden maze of the same fabric. The ground is a gorgeous light Prussian blue and white tiny calico print. Entirely hand stitched of course, as well as hand quilted in outline stitching throughout. The scant 1/4 inch hand applied binding is in the same red and white calico used for the maze and stars.

The backing is a brown, rust and white plaid cotton overprinted with stylized flowers in dark brown. See detail image. A superbly executed quilt in a wonderful two color palette that absolutely pops visually. The maker had a fine eye for graphic art and chose her fabrics well. This would not have been a scrap quilt but made with purchased fabric specifically chosen for this quilt leading Betsey to believe the maker was from a well-to-do family.

Special detailing includes careful cutting of the fabric in many of the stars so the same printed pattern is repeated in every diamond shaped piece – very lovely. This is a very striking, well executed quilt that simply demands attention and admiration. In excellent condition, this quilt would be perfectly exquisite on a bed or as a piece of stunning graphic art for your wall. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it is ready to send to you on approval for private viewing in your home. Please ask her for more details.