CONJE11 Homespun Linsey Woolsey

63 x 87 inches
North Carolina

An antique in America needs to be 100 years old or older. Here we have a historical artifact that is between 200 and 240 years old and still to be used today! When this quilt was created both the wool and the linen were most likely created where the family resided.

The entire process could easily take two years to complete. After the fibers were hand carded or homespun respectively, they were then home dyed, most likely in a cast iron caldron. In the case of this "Linsey" we have on one side a Cochineal dyed fiber and on the other side a Black Walnut dyed fiber.

After the arduous process of creating yardage of each fiber the fabrics were layered over a home carded heavy cotton batting. The quilting stitches were then executed using a herringbone pattern design. Both of these natural dyes are indigenous to the American South. The combination of both the visual and emotional effects of this amazing quilt are from amazement to feelings of warmth and security.

Organically hand washed and in original condition, this fantastic find is ready to be sent for your at home approval.