CONJF1 Center Medallion Quilt

80 x 88 inches
New England

This c.1845 graphic quilt has the format of a Center Medallion quilt pattern which originated in England. This particular quilt, however, is an original design. We can call this a Nine patch Windmill Sampler. The creator of this quilt was most likely from an affluent family because the fabric would have been expensive to purchase. The center medallion nine patch windmill measures 14” square. Adding the border comes to 20 inches. The corner blocks measure 14" square, all individual blocks measure 7-1/2 inches square. All blocks are joined with a 2-1/2” sashing while the quilt is bordered with the same fabric. Most of the fabrics on this quilt are from the 1840’s. The backing is a very fine linen. All the borders are zigzag quilted and the blocks are x quilted. This quilt is more about the graphics and design, not the quilting, which is not unusual in an early quilt. The visual feeling emanating from this quilt seems to be of a very modern design - I can picture this quilt on an early New England bed or in a glass and chrome home. It is a wonderful piece of textile art for your wall. Organically hand washed and ready to go to your home for approval.