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CONJM 1 Red, White & Green Floral Applique
Dated 1850; Mildred E. Hiller
75 x 89 (190.5 x 226 cm)

A sweet and very lovely floral applique quilt executed in solid red, a double pink calico and solid green on pure white. A garden of 42 appliqued blooms and countless buds make this antique beauty a balm for any Spring lover’s soul. It makes us happy just looking at it. Each flower block measures approximately 11 1/2 inches square with an appliqued meandering budded floral vine border 4 inches wide surrounding the entire ‘garden’.

Applique stitches are fine as are the stitches in the hand quilting which consists of four petal flowers stitched in the center of each red flower, 9 petal flowers with 3/8 inch spaced parallel lines in the white ground, and of special note: a hand stitched heart in the four corners of every floral block. Embroidered in red floss is the date ‘1850’ and the name ‘Mildred E. Hiller’, we presume either the maker of the quilt or the person who owned it. Betsey feels the embroidery was done sometime after the completion of the quilt to document it.

A hand applied 1/4 inch wide solid green binding matches the green of the leaves and vine. The backing is white cotton. This beautiful and pristine quilt is in excellent condition. Professionally washed by Betsey it can be sent to you on approval for viewing in the privacy of your home.