CONJM28 Mennonite Green Optical Illusion Irish Chain Quilt

Pre 1890
71 x 71 inches
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

To me the shades of green used in the creation of this stunning quilt call out to Irish heritage. Even the wonderful 4" border is in a comforting and unusual Irish plaid. Different quilts emulate different feelings....I feel this specific quilt emulate feelings of comfort, security and warmth....In addition to being stunningly graphic.

Each of the blocks measure 12-1/2" square and are comprised of smaller squares measuring 2". There are joining four square blocks design which completes the creation of the Irish Chain pattern. All blocks are joined with 4" forest green borders that are quilted in a diagonal crosshatch design. The blocks are quilted in a diagonal quilting design which continues through the 4" plaid border. There is a 3/8" separately applied binding in the same Kelly green challie fabric as used in the 2" squares. The wholecloth backing is a very unusual black cotton fabric with off white stripes. All front design fabrics are wools and wool challies. Stitching was completely executed by hand.

This quilt appears never to have been used to the extent that there are a few basting stitches left behind next to the binding. I am happy to send this wonderful mint condition quilt for your at home approval...with free shipping as always for approvals.