CONLF36 Variable Star Mennonite

92 x 93 inches

This huge Variable Star Mennonite Quilt is in mint condition and all hand quilted. Typical of Amish and Mennonite quilts this quilt has been machine pieced. The blocks measure 9 inches with sashing measuring 3-3/4 inches in width and extremely wide borders measures 12 inches. The entire quilt is covered in a 1 inch grid diagonal quilting pattern. There is a 3/8 inch separately applied binding executed half by hand. Each ring in the star in the block has identical calico fabric. There are different over dyed green calicos used for the blocks. This gives us a wonderful study of these early calicos. The size of this quilt will fit a full or queen size bed with a double size mattress, or king with a 7 in overhang. Because of the pattern this quilt may be turned in any direction. The orange or cheddar color is great for today’s style.
Ready for your approval.