CONLK2 Folk Art Crib Quilt
28 x 38 inches
Found in Maine

Meant to keep a baby warm during our cold New England winters this baby quilt is in complete original condition. A one of a kind, original and creative crib quilt is comprised of 24 7” blocks with wool embroidered motifs on black wool. We have a swan, which to me represents a relationship lasting a lifetime, flowers and leaves representing spring, summer and happiness. There’s a bird with “AM” embroidered on its wing. Created in the 1890’s, it appears, because of the fabric, that the artist/creator probably came from a less affluent family. The backing of each block is a much earlier home or hand spun fabric. There are pockets sewn on the back making it ready for you to hang on the wall or would be a wonderful topper for any kind of a table. A rare piece of folk art...ready to be sent for your approval.