CONLK6 Signed and Dated Crazy Quilt with Native American Symbols
Dated February 18, 1894
66 x 82 inches
Found in Maine

After looking at and researching dozens of Crazy quilts to the best of my ability, I believe that this Maine quilt has definite Native American influence and symbolism. This original piece of art is comprised of 20 blocks, each measuring apx 16” square. A Victorian crazy quilt that is totally unique. There is Native American symbolism thoughout the quilt. This quilt has embroidered names, auld lang syne, staffs of wheat and ears of corn and planted rows in a field. Wonderful colors with wonderful motion and one of a kind. The front fabrics are wool, wool challis, wool silk and heavy cotton. The backing is all wool. This piece would provide great warmth as a quilt on a bed. As a piece of art,on a wall, this quilt would be artistically wonderful and soothing to the eyes. Ready to be sent for your viewing and approval.