CONLL4 Amish Nine Patch Quilt

72 x 74 inches
Lancaster County, PA

There is no question that this quilt was made in Lancaster County ...we know this because of the "signature" Lancaster Amish corner squares. The fabrics used to create this nine patch quilt are a combination of fine wools and cotton. It shows a double border and a double set of corner squares. The outer border of this classic quilt is 10-1/2” wide with an additional 1” binding....very typical Amish. There are some attributes that you see in all Amish quilts; the two of these, right off the top of my head is that their quilts are always machine pieced and always have a flat binding. On this quilt the corner squares are almost 11” square. The inner border measures 4” in width with the inside corner blocks measuring 4” square. The nine patch blocks measure apx 5-1/2” and are comprised of 1-5/8” squares. The outside border is quilted with an unusual floral and lineal design. The inner border is similar but joins each motif with a leaf and vine design. The inner body is diagonally cross hatch quilted in a 1-1/2” grid. The solid peach backing is the same fabric that was used to line the English women's clothing. This wonderful example of a Lancaster County Quilt is ready for you to see in your home on approval.