CON MN-1 Rose Wreath Applique

c. 1850
92 x 93 inches
New England

Very unusual over-dyed green calico fabric combined with turkey red, chrome orange and red miniature calico. The red miniature calico gives the impression of a double pink, however it's not. 10-1/4" border on three sides. The top does not have a border. (Old Yankee tradition: If you don't need it, you don't do it). Fabulous continuous vine border, all appliqued.

In each vine section there is one leaf with a reversed appliqued bud inside. The border has a diagonal quilting with all the leaves and stems outline quilted, which is something I have never seen inn 30 years. In each center applique there is a circle 3/8" in diameter with a flower stamped in the center. The stamp would have been made using India ink. The body is quilted in a circular motion emulating the movements of the vines. This quilting is apx 1/2" apart. There is a 1/4" binding all by hand using the same over-dyed green calico with a miniature yellow tulip as its print. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.