CONRB Unique Floral Applique with Trapunto

90 x 90 inches
Believed to be from New York or Pennsylvania

This totally unique Floral Trapunto Appliqué Quilt was created c.1825. As there are no signs of wear on the quilt, it appears to have been only slightly used. We know everything on this quilt was sewn by hand because it was made prior to the invention of the sewing machine. The quilt is comprised of blocks measuring 12 inches square. The border is approximately 11-1/2 inches in width. The separate hand applied binding is 1/4 inches wide. The inner border is 1-1/2” inches wide with the triangles measuring 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches, which after close examination are actually split squares.

It’s hard for me to tell if all these turkey red, yellow calico and calico fabrics are appliquéd on top of a white square or pieced. To me, it looks as if execution has been of both methods. A solid white square is alternated with a square containing the appliqué work. The leaf and rose pattern is comprised of over-dyed green, turkey red and two different cheddar calicos. The backing and the front white are linen. The squares were pieced together and the quilt elaborately quilted with baskets of flowers all around the border. The solid blocks in the main part of the quilt are cross-hatched and herringbone quilted so that every bit of this quilt is heavily quilted.

Then came the trapunto -- months and months of work after probably years of creating this masterpiece. The baskets and flowers are all beautifully executed in trapunto. The resulting effect is an amazing and graphically wonderful early quilt. It is in perfect condition. This quilt can be used on a full, queen or king bed with a 5 inch overhang on the latter. To say this quilt would be fabulous piece of art on the wall of your home is an understatement.