CONSW2 Turkey Red Paper Cut Applique Reverse Applique Summer Coverlet
Dated 1838 and signed by Mary Ann Wilhelm
74 x 102 inches

$Call for price

Truly amazing is this center medallion folk art appliqued and reverse appliqued summer coverlet created by a 15 year old young lady named Mary Ann Wilhelm in 1838. Each block appears to be an original design from her artistic eye. Her love of animals and the universe is seen through her eyes. We have the American Eagle, the symbol of our country, what appears to be St. Nicholas, hearts and birds similar to those seen on Chester County, Pennsylvania quilts. All the work on this incredible textile is appliqued and reverse appliqued on linen from a variety of early turkey red calicoes dating from the late 18th century up until the time this coverlet was created.

From a sociological point of view we know that this young lady was part of a very affluent family, because of the unbelievably high cost of these fabrics. I do not know the exact location of the creation of this piece of art, but I lean towards the Chester Co, PA area.

The format of this coverlet is reminiscent of the early English quilts, with its center medallion and surrounding design. This coverlet is in amazing condition.