CONYL1 Victorian Crazy Quilt

63 x 63 inches
Origin unknown, possibly New York

This exquisite crazy quilt was made around 1880. There are 36 blocks measuring squares of 9". One of the prominent blocks is a mint condition Abraham Lincoln commemorative ribbon with parts of the Emancipation Proclamation under his photo. Other blocks include original oil paintings executed on silk and silk velvet, the bundle of wheat for the staff of life, silk chenille crewel work, a raised cotton chenille baby chick, embroidered imagery of what may be a Greek goddess, a pieced silk fan, a good luck horseshoe with the name “Emma” inside it. There are three initials in the middle of the quilt and a long necked crane - the symbol of a long life in Japan. The entire quilt is surrounded by a brick pieced border measuring 4” in width in a variety of muted colors. A unique rendition of a border on a Victorian crazy quilt. This is a heavily embellished piece of art. In perfect condition and ready to enhance your home.
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