DQ299 Postage Stamp Doll Quilt

14 x 24 inches
New England, maybe New Hampshire

A wonderful little Postage Stamp Doll Quilt totally comprised of 1-3/4” squares finished with a 3/8” hand applied binding. This diminutive doll's quilt is completely hand sewn. The Turkey Red calico predated the creation of this quilt and dates from around c.1850 while the red calico and the black, white and red calico backing date from later than 1865. It is possible that this little piece is civil war era. Appearing never to have been used and in perfect condition, this piece would be wonderful as art on the wall, as a table runner, and of course, as a doll quilt in a cradle or doll's bed. The perfect piecing would indicate that a Mother or another adult created this little quilt for a child. Why was it never used? Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent on approval.