F149 Stuffed Cherry Wreath
c. 1845
approx. 16 x 16
New York
$200 each

The two blocks pictured come from the same quilt. When this quilt was originally created, all of the wreaths were a solid overdyed green cotton, but not from the same bolt of fabric. Overdyed green fabric was made by dying the fabric blue and then dying it again with yellow, or vice versa. Over time, overdyed green will sometimes fade to the color of its first layer of dye. Therefore, one of the greens has lost its upper yellow dye layer and is now blue, and the other green is losing its upper blue dye layer and is leaning toward a yellow green. Interesting! All originally hand appliqued and hand quilted in outline, clamshell, feathers and flower motifs. The stuffed cherries have been restored with same date Turkey red cotton, and both fragments have been bound with the same Turkey red in a ¼ inch separately applied binding. We now have three blocks available; two with yellow green leaves and one with blue leaves. Please feel free to purchase any number of these wonderful fragments!