F787 Lone Star or Star of Bethlehem Center Finished Fragment

38-1/2 x 38-1/2 inches

WOW! That is my first comment when seeing this graphically exciting finished fragment. A Lone Star or Star of Bethlehem is really difficult to piece. All diamonds must be sewn exactly or you end up with a mountain in the center :-( Each diamond has 2" sides and are all hand pieced.
This dramatic quilt is executed in all solid color fabrics: chrome orange, cobalt blue and a rich chocolate brown. The wholecloth backing is a wonderful c.1845 brown stripe and paisley pattern. The applied binding on this fragment is the same cobalt blue and the same date as the quilt.
We have added "sleeves" to this fragment for you...now it is ready to hang as an amazing piece of art.
Organically hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent for your in home approval.