Mid to early 19th century Petticoat

c. 1830
90 x 102 inches

This exquisite piece of art was meant never to be seen but to be worn under our dresses to keep us warm in our own homes where the only heat was from fireplaces. Exquisitely quilted by hand with the same quilting designs that would have been used on a full size bed quilt. The 1-1/2 inch edging is knit with a 0 needle. We have wreath quilting, cross hatching, some of the most beautiful and minuscule quilting stitches I have ever seen. Today this white quilted underskirt could be worn as a skirt. The waist band at the moment is 29 inches but there is plenty of room in the pleats to expand. The length is 37-1/2 inches. I believe his piece was made pre-1835, but I cannot prove it. From the looks of this petticoat it was hardly used. All original condition.