Q6220 Gothic Four Square Formation

70 x 86 inches

The four block design was a mid 19th century formation that was in style for a short period of time. These quilts were always graphic and most often, if not always, appliquéd. I found this quilt in Pennsylvania. The design used here is apropos to the Pennsylvania Dutch both in design and color. Chrome orange is difficult to find and is one of the colors in demand for designers and home decorators. Because there are wider borders on two sides, this quilt would fit a queen size bed. The stitching used for the appliqué work are minuscule. The entire quilt is cross-hatched in a one inch grid structure. The binding is a separately applied twill fabric, using a treadle machine. A stunning piece of art for the wall or on your bed. Organically, as always, hand washed by Betsey and ready for your home.