Q6444 Unusual Triple Irish Chain
72 x 88 (182.9 x 223.5 cm)

The warm tones of this quilt are very comforting, with the majority of fabrics in shades of green, blue, and rose. At first glance, this quilt has the look of an Ocean Wave pattern using squares instead of the more typical triangles. However, it appears to be a Triple Irish Chain with an unusual joining block setting. The quilter also concentrated her deepest colors at the top and bottom of the quilt, creating a unique visual effect. All hand pieced, the deep overdyed green calico joining blocks are 5 inch square, and the separately applied 3/8 inch binding is from that same overdyed green. The backing is linen homespun and the corners of this quilt have been softly rounded. The hand quilted crosshatching alternates between a 1 ¼ inch grid in the squares to a smaller ¾ inch grid in the green joining blocks. An assortment of brown, cream, mauve, and navy quilting thread was used to match the fabrics on front. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.