Q8160 Diamond in a Square / Broken Dishes Quilt

74 x 80 inches
New England

Something I want more of is happiness....and this is a happy quilt...one that just makes me smile and think of what a happy woman this quilter must have been :-).....or if you want a very cuddly quilt....or if you are a textile print junkie, such as me, then this quilt is one that you will spend hours looking at the dozens of different early Depression calicoes...These cotton calicoes are the fabrics that our dresses were made of...and as a woman I would be wearing dresses not stretch pants! These unused pieces may have been what was left over from making the quilters clothes...or was she a dress maker where there are so many different prints?
Surrounding the pieced quilt is a deep turquoise border and finished with a deep pink binding. The backing is a very cozy thin striped flannel in off white, pink, yellow, green and a very thin line of black. All piecing and quilting are executed by hand. The quilting is done in a 1" overall grid pattern.
This quilt appears never to have been used....Now organically hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent to your home for viewing.