Q8164 African Inspired Touching Stars

74 x 80 inches
Maybe Illinois

This African inspired mid 20th century touching stars quilt takes my breath away. The three demensional effect achieved here is due to sequential use of sharply contrasting colors. Green, gold and red are now found on the national flags of many African nations. Each color carries a special meaning. Green is meant to symbolize the fertility of the land, the black is representative of the people of the nation, the goldish yellow represents the nation's mineral wealth, with the red standing for liberation.

This stunning piece of textile art features 9 identical stars, each measuring apx 23” tip to tip. Each star has a black Ohio star center and is followed sequentially by green, red and black. The design is created from 1” mitered logs all in solid colors. The large joining blocks measure 14” square, and the small joining blocks measure 7” square. The edge of the desiogn has rectangles measuring 7" x 14", triangles measuring 7" x 7" x 10”, or corner blocks measuring 10" square. Two of the sides have a 1-3/8” border which includes a 3/8" hand applied binding. The other two sides have a 4-1/2” border which includes a 3/8” hand applied binding. Each log in the star is outline quilted. Each large square has a center medallion surrounded by horizontal cross-hatching. The smaller squares have a quilted leaf motif surrounded by diagonal cross-hatching in a 1” grid. The outside large half blocks have a half of the medallion and the outside triangle blocks only have cross-hatching. Outside edges have straight line quilting. All piecing and quilting has been executed by hand. This mid-century graphic quilt is a great piece of art for your wall or your bed. Perfect unused condition, organically washed and ready to be sent for your viewing.