Q8505 Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt

78 x 80 inches
Call for price

This circa 1875 wool challis Straight Furrows Log cabin quilt with a bars border is absolutely stunning. The generous size, 78 x 80, would make a perfect fit for a queen size bed or an amazing piece of art for a great room. English women were the originators of this early Log Cabin pattern. This quilt pattern did not origionate in America as many of the other Log Cabin patterns did.
The backing of this quilt is a gorgeous brown plaid ... there is a half inch applied binding of the same fabric as the plaid in the piano key border. This quilt does have old moth holes. When it's hung or on a bed, you really don't notice them. Because of this fact, I am drastically reducing the price of the quilt, which was originally $3,800, to $2,200. The fabrics comprising the quilt are approximately 95% wool challis and 5% fine wools. I see some fabrics as early as the 1840s. There are some Scottish plaids on here, some lavenders, some browns. It would go with almost any color you can name. On a bed the center part would cover the top of a queen sized bed ... the piano keys border would go over the side. ...captivatingly beautiful...graphically wonderful ...
Happy to send for your in home approval.