Q8612 Wool Challis Courthouse Steps Log Cabin Quilt

74 x 84 inches

Affluence and sophistication emanate from this exquisite textile. Wool Challis fabrics are created from silk and fine wool. These were the fabrics of the elite and wealthy. The beautiful detail of the prints is a treat to behold and show the skill and painstaking design work of these early nineteenth century textile artists.
It is created in 12" blocks using the courthouse pattern from logs measuring between 1/2" and 3/4" in width. Could it be possible that the head of the household was a lawyer or Judge? The array of prints in these fabrics is a fabric junkie's dream. The backing is a very early wool challis cheater cloth wide stripe pattern. A binding such as this, being a woven tape, shows the very early date of this quilt and its expensive componants.
The size of this quilt would fit a queen size bed or would be an amazing piece of art for a great room or stairway hall.
In complete original condition (including some basting stitches) this sophisticated textile is now ready to be sent for your in-home approval.