Q8641 Pastel Double Wedding Ring Quilt
71 x 84

This lovely, cotton quilt is in the popular Double Wedding Ring pattern. Its extra appeal lies in the creator’s choice of solid pastels, reminiscent of rainbow sherbet, for her color palette. It starts with a lovely peach ground with rings consisting of soft blues, yellow, greens, pinks and pale lavender. The squares joining the rings are in the soft raspberry and watermelon green found in the rings.

Hand pieced and hand quilted with echo, outline and cross hatch stitches this beauty also boasts hand stitched flowers with eight petals in each of the large peach areas inside the rings. The backing is white and the skillfully applied ¼ inch watermelon green binding follows the scalloped edge of the quilt.

A lovely creation that is classic in design and refreshing in fabric selection and arrangement. This quilt was used but lovingly cared for and is in excellent, soft condition. Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for your home.