Q8705 Blue and White Floral and Vine Applique
c. 1930
75 x 88 inches

In perfect unused condition, this beautifully appliquéd and quilted c.1930 Floral and Vine Appliqué Quilt is what is known as a kit quilt. The manufacturer of a kit quilt would send the fabric which is pre-stamped with the quilting pattern and where to place the applique or pieced work and ready to do the creative hand work. All the fabric needed was always included with the kit. This quilt was one of a pair. The other quilt was undoubtedly used on a bed and therefore worn. This quilt appears to have never been used and was either on the unused bed or maybe the bedroom only had a single bed in it. As indicative of the era this wonderful quilt was created using cotton batting, fabric and thread. Originally created as a twin quilt with a pillow tuck and now because of the quilt's length can be turned to fit a queen size bed with a 4” overhang. Organically hand washed and ready to send on approval.

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