Q8722 Chinese Fan
77 x 77

In absolutely pristine condition this amazing 20th century quilt was made by a highly skilled needlewoman. Created from vibrant, happy prints and solids this beautiful textile is similar to the Mohawk Trail or Fan pattern but takes it one step further. White triangular pieces which measure ¼” at the smallest end and ½” at the widest end radiate out from the base of each fan. The whites are between the various printed pieces forming a more detailed fan square. This more intricately pieced pattern is called a Chinese Fan and requires a highly skilled hand to complete successfully…just look at those points!

This quilt has been expertly pieced and beautifully hand quilted in echo arc stitching in the fan spokes and 5/8 inch cross hatch stitching in the fan bases and all white areas. Pencil lines used for the quilting patterns are still slightly evident in this unused quilt. The backing is the same white fabric as used on the front. The 3/8 inch applied binding is machine topstitched and is the same pink fabric as the fan bases.

A clean and crisp quilt that would be gorgeous on a bed or just perfect as a vibrant piece of art on your wall. It has been professionally hand washed by Betsey. All of our quilts can be sent on approval.