Q8853 Unusual Log Cabin Streak of Lightning

77 x 78 inches
New England

This perfectly constructed Log Cabin Streak of Lightning quilt is made up of 100 blocks each measuring apx 7-1/2” square. The logs used in creating these blocks are apx 1” in width. Logs are outline quilted and there is an 3/8” hand applied binding. Completely pieced by hand. I am dating this c.1880 because of one horseshoe conversation fabric that I have found on this quilt. There are many more c.1880’s fabrics used, and also fabrics dating from c.1850 to c.1880. The backing fabrics date from c.1840. When I purchased this it was a mint quilt. Mint meaning never washed, never used. I have organically washed it so now it is designated an unused quilt. This one quilt can appear to be three different patterns. The streak of lightening design can be used in either direction and the back of this quilt is actually a pieced Bars pattern. Strip pieced backings are a signature of Mennonite quilts. Because of the quality of the fabrics, one can see that this Mennonite family would have been of affluent means.
A magnificent piece of art for your bed or wall.
Organically washed and ready to take home on approval.