Q8904 Hole in the Barn Door / House Top Variation Quilt
78 x 78 (198.1 x 198.1 cm)
NY or PA

Such a fun and graphic wool quilt in a variation of the Hole in the Barn Door, or House Top, pattern. A lovely combination of both wool and cotton fabrics in bold and graphic patterns and colors. Blocks measure 8 1/2 inches square and are pieced both by hand and treadle machine. With such a variety of color in the octagon shapes the maker chose charcoal gray and black wools for each center hole and all four corners of each block. The color just leaps off the resulting black/charcoal gray ground for a stunning effect.

Entirely hand quilted with black thread in outline stitches throughout and a large 'X' stitched in each 'hole'. Backing fabric is a lovely rose/mauve cotton flannel - see detail image - with an applied 3/8 inch binding in the same fabric. This quilt is in unused condition with a few original, very small moth holes attesting to it being made mostly from wool. We have not touched them as they do not detract from the beauty of the quilt.

A wonderful piece of graphic art for either warmth and beauty on your bed, or for use as a stunning focal point in any room. Please ask us to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home.